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2/12/2008I see a second child for Tori Spelling and staying with her spouse, she has found true love.

2/12/2008I see Nicole Richie having a second child and then a split

2/12/2008The person that Drew Barrymore is with now, will be with her for a liftime.

2/12/2008Jessica Simpson and Tony Roma of the Cowboys will get engaged and wed. Despite all the rumors they are very much in love.

2/12/2008We'll hear about a wedding this yeear for J.T and Beyonce.

2/12/2008Haly Berry, sorry to say that after the baby, I don't see the marriage lasting.

2/12/2008After the baby is born, there are weddling bells for Matthew Maconha and his Brazilian Model. It will be a private ceremony.

2/12/2008There will be an engagement announcd this year for Prince William and Kate

2/12/2008Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal - love is in the aire this year and this is a healthy reloationship for her.

2/12/2008Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel - love is in the air and very soon you may be hearing about a ring. He finally fell in love again

2/12/2008Brad Pitt and Angelina Jole have twin babies on the way.

2/12/2008AS I said from Day 1, Van der Sloot will be charged with the murder of NAtalie Halloway, and they will discover that it was his father that helped him throw the body in water.

12/17/2007The New England Patriots will win the SuperBowl in Feb 2008. Note: On New York Radio, this prediction was changed. For more info click here

8/6/2007From July 26 through September 9, Venus is in retrograde. Watch your communication with love issues

(Note: Webmaster put Mercury in originally instead of Venus, sorry)

6/8/2007As predicted here earlier, Hilary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

6/8/2007I don''t see the U.S. leaving Iraq until 2008,. When we get a new President, all this mess in the world will calm down and the U.S. will be fine.

6/8/2007Califonria has nothing to worry about with North Korea's missles.

6/8/2007Israel will go to war with Iran and Syria in July and will be fighting during the summer. The U.S. will aide Israel.

6/8/2007New Florida property tax laws will be passed the end of next year

6/8/2007July 26- Sept 9 Venus is retrograde- watch communication and love.

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