Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

2/27/2000Huard Damine, from the dolphins will bring The Dolphins back next year with a winning season. Within 2 years he will have a name like Marino once had.

2/27/2000Britney Spears will put out a new line of clothes in her name for teens, scheduled to come out by the end of this year or the begining of next.

2/27/2000The Redskins will be going to the superbowl next year, and will have all new dynomite players.

2/27/2000A new computer chip for the brain to help people that loose their memory will be possible for the year 2000. That will also help people and children that suffer from seizures

2/27/2000Celine Dion, whom retired this year to have a baby, will indeed come back in at least a year and produce a platinum album, along with additional movie soundtracks

2/6/2000I hate to see this, but I see more plane crashes this year having to deal with European flights.

2/6/2000Castro is going to suffer from heart pains, that will lead to a heart attack within the next two years. I don't see him there for the year 2005.

2/6/2000Cuba, in the year 2010, will become free again and I feel resorts. The people who have their papers to their land will have the rights to their property back. Thank God.

2/6/2000Marie Osmond is going to go through a horrible divorce during the end of 2000. She may have to seek therapy to deal with the sadness.

2/6/2000Gambling is going to come to Florida at the end of the year 2003. Especially so, at a hotel in Hollywood.

1/16/2000Gloria Estefan will start to see more of the lime light by 2002, as her career picks up, she will be found on the movie screens, commercials, and even recording albums.

1/16/2000Finally for the year 2005-going on 2006, there will be some cures for cancer, this time a cure. It will start off small and then by 2008, it will be a miracle

1/16/2000The tobacco industry is going to go sky high for the year of 2001 going on to 2002. Get ready to spend at least $4.5O-$5-00 for cigarettes. So buy your cartons now. That is if you are a smoker.

1/16/2000I am so worried for Liz Taylor this year.

1/16/2000The Rams will win the SuperBowl.

1/16/2000The people of the United States will finally get a raise in minimum wages for the following year to come.

1/9/2000Oprah Winfrey will begin dedicating more time to movies and HBO specials, and producing them for the year 2001, and not so much of her own talk show.

1/9/2000President Clinton and Hillary Clinton will definitely split up the beginning of the year 2000, Hillary will be moving to New York and the president Clinton will be moving back home

1/9/2000Hugh grant and Elizabeth Hurley will be engaged for the year 2000.

1/9/2000Terrorist attacks in New York and Las Vegas after New Years day

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