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5/13/2000'Charlie's Angels' will not only return as a movie, but a 'Charlie's Angels' series will start again.

5/13/2000Joe Corello will have to resign towards the end of this year.

5/13/2000By the year 2010 there will be computerized homes. These computerized homes will be able to monitor all individuals in the home (especially helpful with infants or sick individuals). You will also be able to know who is entering your home and specifics su

5/13/2000Don't fly on small jet planes until January, especially if you are planning on going on a safari to Africa or are planning on going to Australia.

5/13/2000In approximately one year from now computerized body shirts will become available. These shirts will also be able to monitor babies and adults

4/1/2000No we are not going to go into a recession.

4/1/2000The stocks will be going back up for the months of September, October, and November. Whoever is suffering from them going down, they are going to go right back up.

4/1/2000In Israel there will be articles recovered in 2002 that are going to be important to the Jewish religion.

4/1/2000Janet Reno will have to resign next year, because her illness will affect her abilities to work in the Whitehouse.

4/1/2000The Ramsey's will be found guilty for the death of their daughter next year sooner than I thought.

4/1/2000There will be a riot in Miami over Elian Gonzalez in the next few days. Someone is going to try to bring him underground, it won't work; he will be going back to Cuba.

4/1/2000Brooke Sheilds will be coming out of the closet this spring or summer.

3/26/2000Ricky Martin will show his true sexuality next year, he will be seen with his lover next summer.

3/26/2000Michael Douglas and his wife (which I predicted that she will be having a boy first) will be having another child right after, and have a girl the following year.

3/12/2000There will be a lot of problems with waste this following year and where to put it.

3/12/2000There will be more finance in Medicad for the elderly with our new president, that will help the elderly very much for the year 2002.

3/12/2000New discoveries are on the horizon for children with ear problems. A new miracle will be used in place of using tubes, for the year 2003.

3/12/2000Celion Dion sent out a lot of prayers for her husband, and he will make a remarkable recovery with his illness in the next 6 months.

3/12/2000The price of gas will continue to go up in price, but by October or early November, the prices will go down with all the peace that is going on right now in the Middle East…but the peace is temporary.

2/27/2000They are coming up with a cure this spring for Alzheimer's disease, a medicine that will cure people with this disease, by the following year. Tests will be conducted this Spring.

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