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6/4/2000Finally, the government will go ahead with the gun laws for the year 2001.

6/4/2000There is going to be a gun problem more towards the Oklahoma area, with kids involved, more towards September time.

6/4/2000Atlanta will be the main region where the previously mentioned inventions for computerized homes will be developed.

6/4/2000New on the horizon, in the year 2002 they will be coming out with cellular phones that will allow you to see the person you're talking to.

6/4/2000Vanna White will reconcile with her husband and then will find out again about him being unfaithful and then will leave him again.

5/20/2000All Scorpios, Tauruses, Aquarians, and Leos are going to have a better summer this year than they have had in the last three years

5/20/2000Liza Minelli and her sister will reconcile with each other this year, due to her problems with her hips.

5/20/2000Christina Aguilera will be doing a movie something about weddings or engagements.

5/20/2000There will be hope and advancement for MS, due to the findings of snake venom that will affect the nervous system, within this year.

5/20/2000Burt Reynolds will become part of a TV sitcom in the year 2001 and will give up the big screen for the little screen.

5/13/2000Lots of famous singers will again put on concerts to save the rain forest. Sting will be in the forefront of this effort.

5/13/2000Hillary Clinton will win the election and become New York's next state senator. Guliano will have to let go of his position

5/13/2000Barry White will have problems with his vocal chords. This time, doctors won't be able to fix them

5/13/2000Holly Berry will lose a major law suit. She will have to pay millions of dollars out of her own pocket.

5/13/2000Christina Aguilera will be the next Madonna. She will win an award for her latest song (I Turn to You).

5/13/2000There will be a restaurant, named 'Twins', opening up in South Beach soon.

5/13/2000Lots of big investors from Florida are going to be building restaurants in Las Vegas which should be opened up by next year. A lot of people will be moving to Las Vegas

5/13/2000This year, it will be discovered that many people in the entertainment industry, just like Calister Flockhart (Ali McBeal), suffer from anorexia nervosa. This news will make major headlines.

5/13/2000By the year 2002, the KKK will have grown to such proportions that they will create major problems in all states. I am worried about the south, especially in the states of Alabama and North Carolina.

5/13/2000Montel William's health will diminish rapidly and he will have to leave his show within the year due to health problems.

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