Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

7/23/2000There will be a Britney Spears cartoon coming out this fall.

7/23/2000In the year 2001 there will be a lot of UFO sightings around the West Coast area

7/23/2000Regis's new co-host will be a female movie star, and the show will not last.

7/16/2000There will be a hijacking with a foreign airline this December.

7/16/2000I'm worried about civil unrest in Israel in the next month.

7/16/2000Starting with the year 2001, three important faces are going to die in tragic accidents - a movie star, a political leader, and a singer.

7/16/2000Within the next month or so, a lot of damaging revelations will be coming out about members of the Republican Party. This will do a lot of harm to the Bush campaign.

7/16/2000I see a lot of problems in the year 2004, going on 2005, with Korea and China - possibly wars. Get ready.

7/16/2000Queen Elizabeth is going to be very ill in the next year - we have to watch out for her.

7/9/2000Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones will definitely stay married. She will be pregnant again one year after her first child is born.

7/9/2000Drew Barrymore and Tom Green will wed for the year 2001.

7/9/2000You'll be seeing Oprah down to a size 12 for her wedding with Edmond, for the end of this year.

7/9/2000Starting with this year, Oprah will be opening spas for people to lose weight, throughout the West Coast.

7/9/2000A new rising star, Little Sammy, will be playing in a new upcoming film this year, with the Wayne Brothers. It should be a hit.

7/9/2000For the year 2001, Disney is going to offer Britney Spears a movie. Also, Pepsi will be offering her a promotion deal.

7/2/2000In 2001, continuing into 2002, people will be dressing in 1920's and 1930's style clothing.

7/2/2000New fashion designers from Europe will be coming out with new purses that fit to the shape of your arm this summer. It will be different. It will help to discourage purse-snatching and will be a great hit for the designer industry.

7/2/2000The U.S. will be allowing Castro to buy medical supplies from us, starting this coming winter.

7/2/2000There will be a big movie production heading toward Cuba for the year 2001 to make a film of the Elian Gonzalez story, and I see Andrew Garcia and Gloria Estefan starring in the movie.

7/2/2000CBS will offer Cher a new TV sitcom in the year 2002.

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