Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

8/13/2000A hurricane and several tornadoes will hit the Carolina's in late September or early October.

8/13/2000Disney will release a new movie for children next year; string and the bgs will be a part of it. It will win a award for the music.

8/13/2000In the year 2011 we may no longer need gas. Scientist are going to work on an amazing new invention, for cars to run.

8/13/2000Strange snow will begin falling from the skies of Colorado near the end of August or the beginning of September.

8/13/2000Liz Taylor may need to be worried about her health by the end of this year or beginning of 2001.

8/13/2000Brad Pitt and his wife will be expecting a new born by next August.

8/13/2000In January or February, they will find the serial killer that has been murdering women in South Florida. It will be a retired police officer whom everyone knows well.

8/6/2000The musical group In Synch will be signed to a promotional contract with Pepsi-Cola.

8/6/2000Cindy Lauper will come out with one of the top-selling CDs for the year 2001.

8/6/2000Before Clinton leaves office, a Middle East peace treaty will be signed.

8/6/2000In 2002, a new method of breast reconstruction will be invented for women that have had to have a breast removed due to breast cancer.

8/6/2000In 2001, new, safer breast implants will be invented.

8/6/2000The TV show 'West Wing' will win three Emmys - one will be a best series award, and the other two will be best actor and best actress awards.

7/30/2000Sharon Stone will be adopting a second child after next spring.

7/30/2000There will be a lot of problems with counterfeiting of the new $5, $10, and $20 bills

7/30/2000Brad Pitt will wed his fiance this winter.

7/30/2000Cher will be adopting a child this winter, and will adopt a second child next summer

7/30/2000A center for testing children with psychic abilities will be opening in Arizona in the year 2002.

7/23/2000Martha Stewart will be coming out with a radio show in the year 2001.

7/23/2000This year, when Kathi Lee gets started in her own music career, she will be meeting a younger artist and falling in love, and this time her husband will be disappointed.

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