Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

9/3/2000Gwyneth Paltrow will be asked to make a record deal for the year 2001.

9/3/2000Someone is going to be caught this fall in an unsuccesful assasination attempt against Castro. Castro will be unhurt.

9/3/2000A new law will be passed this year for high schools around the United States, requiring longer lunch breaks, to prevent fatal driving accidents for students.

9/3/2000By the end of this year, they will find out that the Queen had something to do with Diana's death.

8/27/2000Christina Aguilera will win an award on September 7th for best female vocalist.

8/27/2000The Sopranos will win an award as best cable television series.

8/27/2000There will be a major volcano in Hawaii in the summer of 2005.

8/27/2000Madonna will receive a lifetime achievement award on September 7th.

8/27/2000We will find out the truth about Princess Diana's death by the end of this year. Finally there will be closure.

8/27/2000Firestone will be beset by many lawsuits as a result of the recall. They will be paying out tremendous sums of money.

8/27/2000I'm worried about major earthquakes in California this fall

8/27/2000In the fall, there will be major floods in China.

8/27/2000In the year 2003, police will be able to find stolen cars through satellite tracking.

8/20/2000I do not see a hurricane hitting Broward county this week or month. Everyone is calling me about that.

8/20/2000On the show Survivor, Rudy is going to win.

8/20/2000There will be a movie or Broadway show for the year 2001 about Marilyn Monroe, and an actress from an HBO show will be playing her role. (Hint: Sex in the City).

8/20/2000Brittany Spears will be ask to play in a Broadway Production that will win a award in the year 2002.

8/20/2000Brittany will be teaming up with one of the singers in In Sync, as a relationship and the public will find out in early 2001.

8/20/2000Martha Stewart will be opening pastry shops around the world come come 2001-2002. Her TV show will be coming to computer TV by the end of this year.

8/13/2000Computers will start playing a new role in therapy; for people suffering from fears and phobias sometime next month. Computers will help them let go of those fears and phobias.

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