Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

10/1/2000Due to contamination and dry spells this winter, we will have to stock up on bottled water,

10/1/2000Doctors will discover that some headaches are coming from radio waves and cellular phones.

10/1/2000TV and movie stars will be getting more involved with donating money for college scholarships for children in 2001.

10/1/2000Chiropractors will discover that by working on the back of a patient with sinus problems, a reduction in allergy symptoms will occur.

10/1/2000Doctors will be getting more involved with the metaphysical world. They will discover that meditation will help patients experiencing stress, and prescribe it to reduce stress.

10/1/2000Miami is not going to get a hurricane in 2000.

9/24/2000Beware - between Oct. 8, 2000 till Nov. 18, 2000 - as everything will tend to fall backwards. Be especially watchful of communications, avoid arguments and do not sign any important papers during this time.

9/24/2000Major historical findings in the Middle East, will be all over the news in the spring of 2001.

9/24/2000China will be sending over another spy; the US will catch this one in the Whitehouse sometime next year.

9/24/2000Brittany spears will be buying a castle in Europe this winter.

9/24/2000Howard stern will be asked to star in a movie in 2001; he will also be getting back together with his wife.

9/24/2000This winter will offer bad storms for farmers; they will ruin the corn crop.

9/17/2000Russia will have a big Blizzard this winter, resulting in a problem with a large iceberg.

9/17/2000Dr. Laura will discover something around her vocal cords, as a result, surgery will be requested.

9/17/2000Watch out for the viruses on computers for Christmas and Valentines Day, they will be bad ones.

9/17/2000The teamsters are going to go on strike this winter, due to the elections.

9/17/2000Major cures for heart diseases will be developed by the end of 2001.

9/17/2000In the beginning of 2001,Tourist flying to the Middle East or Turkey will discover that their luggage has disappeared. This can become a big problem, so don't pack as much.

9/3/2000Jessica Simpson will be a new rising star, with movies this coming year on the big screen.

9/3/2000I'm worried about the Middle East for the end of this year - it will have something to do with Egypt.

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