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10/22/2000After Hillary Clinton gets elected as Senator for New York, she will be running into major conflicts related to her efforts to combat organized crime. She has to be careful..

10/22/2000Donald Warsharf, from Miami, will go to jail after his court trial for fraud

10/22/2000The New York Yankees will win the World Series.

10/22/2000Ellen DeGeneres and Melissa Etheridge will not be a couple. I see Ellen getting back together with her old love, Anne Heche, after Christmas.

10/15/2000Beware of Florida-based timeshare scams during the coming year.

10/15/2000Faith Hill will become pregnant with her third child in the year 2001.

10/15/2000The Palestinian people are going to turn against Yassar Arafat sometime during the conflict that is currently developing. There may be a war.

10/15/2000Meg Ryan will marry Russell Crowe in the year 2001

10/15/2000Lucy Lawless will be starring in a new sitcom and will be offered more than one deal. I also see her starring in "Sex in the City" in the year 2001.

10/15/2000Calista Flockhart will have health problems related to anorexia in the year 2001

10/15/2000The Media will discover that Christie Prody was lying when interviewed by the Enquirer. She wanted revenge against O.J. Simpson.

10/8/2000There will be a lot of technical problems with radio, computer and televisions this month and into the beginning of November.

10/8/2000There will be a movie produced on the book, Many Lives, Many Masters. The movie will be produced in the year 2002 and a singer will be the producer. Brian Weiss will not be involved.

10/8/2000Larry King may have health problems this winter. The prognosis is not good, there may be surgery and a slight stroke.

10/8/2000It is going to be a cold winter. There will be snow in Florida, and heavy snowstorms in the northern states this November/December (There will be more then a foot of snow in New York).

10/8/2000A major earthquake will hit China this winter.

10/8/2000At Christmas time there will be signs of Mother Mary in Arizona.

10/8/2000There will be major problems in the Middle East. Clinton will not be able to fix things this time.

10/8/2000A major improvement in the stock market will occur in the Spring of 2001.

10/1/2000Celion Dion will come back next year with a new album and a number one song; it will win an award. In 2002 she will help produce an album.

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