Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

1/4/2001A In 2002 children ages 14 and 15 will be pursuing their studies in China and Japan and starting college studies.

1/4/2001No changes with Social Security and Health insurance that President George W. Bush had promised. The people will be very disappointed.

1/4/2001The end of September, beginning of October 2001 will bring new studies and cures for Dyslexia.

11/6/2000Bruce Willis will win an academy award for his role in Unbreakable

11/6/2000I am worried that someone will try to assassinate George W. Bush in the next 3 months.

11/6/2000A company will be coming out in the beginning of 2001 with an alternative medicine (holistic - natural in form) that will make people look like they've had a face lift

11/6/2000Jessica Simpson (the singer) will wed in the spring of 2001.

11/6/2000Jim Carrey and Renee Zellweger will have two children, the second will be a girl, born at the end of 2001

11/6/2000In the next 8 months Arafat will be hospitalized for his conditions and will step down, due to not being able to perform his duties

11/6/2000The voters of Palm Beach County will be given a re-vote and will do so in December.

11/6/2000Robots will be assisting surgeons in 2002.

10/30/2000Buy stock with Bank United, I see the stock going up. I would buy now

10/30/2000Major weather problems for Europe in November. Floods and lots of rain will continue throughout the month

10/30/2000Japan will be exporting a lot of new boats coming into the year 2001. Get ready to see new versions of speed boats, and yachts. Japan will start to be the trend setter for America, with new style boats.

10/30/2000I am worried about Washington D.C. around election day, especially the President. I see a person from another country there that is not supposed to be there. He will try to do harm to the white house. The person I see is from the Middle East.

10/30/2000There will be major problems and law suits coming this winter with other car companies. Most will deal with mechanical effects that do not in ana accident, especially the ones behind the wheel.

10/22/2000Elaine Bloom will win the election in Florida..

10/22/2000There will be some kind of warning this coming winter, about the flu shot. The government is going to be involved.

10/22/2000As I said last March, I'm very worried about Liza Minelli's health. It will definitely not be good for the rest of this year, and into 2001.

10/22/2000In March and April of 2001, people will be caught selling jewelry, made of fake 14 kt gold, that comes from South America and Puerto Rico

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