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1/15/2001Embryonic stem cell research fund - with all the medical advances it will bring, the government will fund it .It will be started in the end of 2003, 2 years from now

1/15/2001By 2003 in all states there will be a law that you cannot drive and use your cell phone without purchasing a speaker or headphone

1/15/2001Boston, NJ, Seattle and LaGuardia airports- there will be more runways for the airlines built by 2001. 2004 there should not be any delays on flights from these airports.

1/15/2001Biggie “The singer”: The cause of his death was police related and it will come out by 2003.

1/15/2001Bush will pass a law with the Mexican President that Mexican trucks will be able to pass through the U.S

1/15/2001Director How Johnson will win an award and Jim Michell will for state of the art effects

1/15/2001Congressman Gary Condit’s brother had nothing to do with the disappearance of Chandra Levy.

1/15/2001Martha Stewart will launch a Kids magazine off million dollar sales in 2002 and will be doing a lot with the Orient. I see Japan or China. Other magazines in China as well.

1/15/2001Congressman Gary Condit will not be re-elected next term

1/15/2001Osama Bin Laden will not be found, he is no longer in Afghanistan , I feel that is in Pakistan and Arafat and Sadam Hussain are hiding him.

1/15/2001I feel that China has somehting to do with the Anthrax and the attacks on America

1/15/2001Embryonic stem cells will help the spinal cord, MS, Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and Diabetes within a few years.

1/12/2001The police officer in Suffolk County will be found innocent in court of the allegations made by the two young women Angelina and Tracey. It will be found that the young women were driving drunk that night.

1/12/2001The seven Texas prison escapees will be found in March, around Mexico. Prior to their arrests, there will be at least four more robberies. I see them all split up.

1/12/2001The Giants and the Ravens will be going to the Superbowl.

1/12/2001Big problems with the Columbian Cartel this year starting in the spring due to drug smuggling and shootings in Columbia.

1/12/2001John Ashcroft will be appointed to the position of Attorney General of United States.

1/4/2001Smuggling of drugs from the Islands will be exposed and in March 2001 a big bust will come in Puerto Rico.

1/4/2001U.S. airlines will be having trouble with flights from the North at the end of January beginning of February, this year. A lot of airports will be shut down.

1/4/2001In April a two week ordeal will ensue due to a pilots strike for American and Delta Airlines.

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