Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

2/5/2001There will be more escapees of prisoners in groups of 5 and 6 around the United States. Arkansas and California are next. The events will occur during the Spring and Fall of this year.

2/5/2001March 9th through April 25th Venus will be moving back and forth through Aries (retrograde from the 9th of March to the 21st of April and then goes direct). Expect rough times for all, and then it will clear up and go back to normal.

2/5/2001Governor Jeb Bush will be elevated to a higher position under the George W. Bush administration.

2/5/2001There will be a cracking down of a lot of people who call themselves holistic doctors who are not certified. Many will be found to be prescribing both drugs and holistic medicine.

1/28/2001Stocks are going to go sky high this April (2001).

1/28/2001During 2001, it will be revealed that Jessie Jackson fathered a son with another person. He will lose a lot of financial support, particularly corporate, due to his problems.

1/28/2001Kim Bassinger will divorce Alec Baldwin and then reconcile with him.

1/28/2001Cigarettes will be at $4.00 a pack by the end of 2001.

1/22/2001Sequins will be the rage in fashion for Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring of 2001-2002.

1/22/2001A cure for Shingles will come in the form of a gel or cream in March 2001.

1/22/2001Russell Crow will win a Golden Globe Award for best supporting actor for his role in Gladiator.

1/22/2001Julia Roberts will win a Golden Globe Award for best supporting actress for her role in Erin Brockovich.

1/20/2001Love is in the air for Monica Lowinsky this fall (2001). We will be hearing a lot about how happy she is with a writer and how slender she has gotten.

1/20/2001Linda Tripp will be sueing the government this year and will win millions.

1/20/2001Liz Taylor will fall in love with her doctor this February. She will also be staring in a new film with her new look at the end of 2001. I am still worried about her health.

1/20/2001Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl.

1/20/2001Watch out for lots of love happening in March (2001) as Venus goes through Pisces. It will be a crazy month. March 4th will be a particularly rough day.

1/15/2001Jurassic Park 3 will win the Best Visual Effects awards for all the film effects.

1/15/2001George Harrison of the Beatles: I am still worried about his health, “cancer” with the throat about 2002 fall time, a relapse.

1/15/2001Like I said on the radio out of state 3 weeks after Chandra Levy was missing. I saw a brick house and a park. I said on the radio that they should look at her computer. I feel the congressman had taken a Valium before he took the test and they need to tes

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