Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

3/1/2001I am worried about twisters going through the Carolinas and Georgia at the end of March beginning of April of this year (2001).

2/21/2001To express his new found freedom former President Clinton will be turning to Show Business. He will be playing a lot of saxaphone and starring in movies during 2001.

2/21/2001Former President Clinton will still be continuing to help with the Middle East problems, even though he is no longer in power.

2/21/2001It will be uncovered this Spring (2001) that the Survivor show is "rigged".

2/21/2001Tom Cruise will find a new love in the screen and will have a baby of his own.

2/21/2001The little boy Tate who was tried as an adult and convicted of murder, will appeal and win his case. The people of South Florida will help in this case by Nov. 2001.

2/21/2001Hannibal will win an Oscar and so will Anthony Hopkins

2/21/2001There will not be a recession for the year 2001, things will get better after April.

2/21/2001Cher will start having memory problems in the winter of 2002.

2/13/2001Watch out for more twisters in South America at the end of February causing great damage to the point that the U.S. will be involved with the relief program.

2/13/2001Happy Valentine's Day, 2001. A lot of Love will be in the Air.

2/13/2001Britney Spears is truly N'Sync with her boyfriend. Wedding bells are in the air and she will be engaged this winter.

2/13/2001China will have another mud slide by the beginning of March.

2/13/2001Holistic medicines for female hormones and female problems, and the prevention of these problems will be surfacing this year (2001).

2/13/2001March will bring very bad times in the Middle East, especially "Israel".

2/13/2001Janet Reno will be coming out with a book about "her years in the White House".

2/5/2001A prominent person will be found to be involved with the drug smuggling that is happening in Florida by the end of 2001. A lot more things will be revealed.

2/5/2001Vintage jewelry will be making a comeback for Spring 2001, and many stars will be wearing it.

2/5/20012001 will bring several documentaries about Patty Hearst.

2/5/2001Beware of a Valentines Day computer virus.

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