Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

3/25/2001I see divorce for Madonna and her new husband by 2003.

3/25/2001“Sting” will be producing movies in 2002.

3/25/2001In the year 2030, homes will be designed with an Egyptian motif.

3/25/2001Rosie O’Donnell will be adopting another child by the end of 2002.

3/25/2001U2 will be coming back with an award winning platinum album, in 2002.

3/17/2001A lot of drug busts in Mexico will be happening in the Spring and Fall of 2001. They will find a lot of underground passageways, leading in and out from Mexico to the U.S.

3/17/2001By the year 2030 80% of the people will have become vegetarians, and the meat marketers will be having major problems.

3/17/2001A disease will be discovered in 2002, that will be world wide, that we will not be able to stop that will be coming from animals and causing severe illness to many people.

3/17/2001By 2020, a syrup will be developed that will stop addiction to drugs, alchohol and cigarettes.

3/17/2001In the year 2019, a device will be developed that will go around the necks of dogs that will enable them to speak like a human “that will be fun”.

3/9/2001A shot (rather than a pill) for abortions, will be surfacing in the fall of 2002.

3/9/2001Fires will be prominent all around the world and I am particularly worried about the Everglades this fall and winter (2001).

3/9/2001It will be revealed that President Bush will be trying to be too military. I am very concerned about wars in foreign countries and that he will be going in with troops and it will be the United States’ fault, causing grave situations.

3/9/2001Florida is going to have a major problem with water in the year 2003.

3/9/2001In the year 2020 everyone will be paying big bucks for visits to the moon, which by that time will be colonized.

3/9/2001Phoebe Snow will be making a big comeback with an award winning platinum album in 2002.

3/1/2001Calista Flockhart will be taking voice lessons and will be doing a duet with a famous singer in the Winter of 2001.

3/1/2001he tax deal President Bush is presenting will not be approved.

3/1/2001I see another earthquake in Washington state at the end of March beginning of April 2001.

3/1/2001A lot of singers will be filing for bankruptcy in the year 2008.

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