Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

4/26/2001Howard Stern will be in love this coming year and we will hear all about it.

4/26/2001Brian Weiss will be coming out with a new book, about changes in the world,that will be another best seller between 2002-2003.

4/26/2001Kathy Lee Gifford will be suffering from a nervous breakdown this fall.

4/26/2001At the end of 2001 there will be a lot of fraud on the internet due to credit cards - just like the 900 numbers.

4/26/2001American actors/actresses will be making movies in Cuba in 2002, starting with Kevin Costner.

4/18/2001Scientists will be discovering a lot of pieces of rock that will be falling from the sky, in 2002.

4/18/2001I definitely see a cure for diabetes in the fall of 2002.

4/18/2001Beside Michael Jackson other movie stars like Tom Cruise will want to be frozen upon death to be brought back at a future time.

4/18/2001Rene Zellwenger will be winning an academy award for her starring role in the Diary of Bridget Jones.

4/18/2001They are going to be coming out with a lot of space age material this coming 2002. Space age style clothing will be a big fad.

4/10/2001They will begin to clone people by the end of 2002.

4/10/2001Rosie O'Donnell says she will be leaving, but I see her getting an offer that she can't refuse. She will accept the offer and sign up for three more years to do her show.

4/10/2001Like I said before, stocks will not go up until November of 2001.

4/10/2001I see major hurricanes happening in Arkansas and Oklahoma in September of 2001.

4/10/2001The Producer of Regis and Kelly, Michael Gellman will become the father of a baby girl at the end of this month (April 2001).

4/2/2001Mercedes will be bringing back the old model of their 500SL for the year 2002.

4/2/2001I see a lot of problems with China ahead, even though the soldiers have been released. President Bush will be the cause of these future problems.

4/2/2001There will be more terrorist attacks in Spain, France and Italy at the end of 2001 beginning of 2002

4/2/2001At the end of 2003 going into 2004, a theme park will be opening up in China (with a Disney style to it).

4/2/2001China will be gaining in their economy around 2004, lots of money. People will be buying into homes there.

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