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6/1/2001Halle Berry will be pregnant with a baby girl in October.

6/1/2001Barbra Streisand will receive the Life-Time Achievment Award from the Grammy's this year.

6/1/2001Sting (the singer) will receive an award for his acheivements this year.

6/1/2001Jennifer Lopez will come out with a line of shoes in the fall of 2001.

6/1/2001Julia Robers will be getting engaged to Benjamin Bratt this fall.

6/1/2001Matt Lauer will be asked to star in a movie relating to government issues in 2003.

5/20/2001Julia Roberts will be pregnant with a girl that looks just like her with that big smile in the fall of 2002.

5/20/2001For the next season of basketball, you will see Michael Jordan returning to the courts.

5/20/2001Jennifer Lopez will come out with a line of shoes in the fall of 2001.

5/20/2001I'm very worried about Eddie Van Halen's health, with cancer in particular. I do not see a recovery, I see it getting worse by Sept of 2002. I don't see the doctors helping this situation.

5/12/2001Faith Hill will become pregnant in the fall of 2002 (Sept or Oct.)

5/12/2001Clinton will be involved in with a very prominent woman outside of this country- for work.

5/12/2001I'm worried about Shirley McClain's health in the fall of 2001, chest pains and headaches.

5/12/2001Regis will be leaving the Regis show in 2003. He will be off to a bigger show.

5/12/2001Robert Downey Jr. will not be returning to Alley McBeal due to his drug arrest. He is through there

5/4/2001In July I see a problem with Celebrity Cruise Lines, with people at sea- perhaps a problem with a boat.

5/4/2001President Clinton will be a talk show host of his own show in the year 2002 on CNN or MSNBC

5/4/2001Gloria Estefan will come out with her own pattern for hair curlers or something to do with hair in 2002.

5/4/20012003 will seee the last show for David Letterman, then Rosie O'Donnnell will get an offer to do the show.

5/4/2001In the year 2002 the states that have men on death row will find out that 30% of those men are actually innocent. There will be a number of investigations and these men will be set free. This is especially true in Texas.

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