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12/6/2001At Yassir Arafat's prompting, there will be another Arab oil embargo in retaliation for the United States's support of Israel. This will result in shortages and higher prices, beginning in late January or early February.

11/29/2001Jim Carrey will win an Oscar for his performance in the 'Grinch' movie.

11/29/2001Oprah Winfrey will be married in the year 2001. Her marriage will be broadcast live around the world,and will dominate the news.

11/29/2001Robert Downey, Jr., will be back in jail (for his most recent drug arrest) by March of 2001.

11/29/2001Elton John will pair up with a fashion designer,and they will introduce the 'Elton John' line of clothing in the fall of 2001.

11/29/2001The person that has been found to have five wives, with children by all of them, will be convicted and sent to prison, by the end of 2001.

11/29/2001In 2001,certain Miami police officers will be arrested for their participation in drug deals. This will be similar to the arrests that occurred in 1989.

11/22/2001In the fall of 2001, accusations will be made, and confirmed, that George W. Bush has been having affairs during his marriage.

11/22/2001I'm worried about Elton John being tested HIV-positive in 2001.

11/22/2001In the year 2001, one of the networks will release a made-for-TV movie about the Clintons.

11/22/2001Sometime in the summer of 2001, embarrasing information, and embarrasing photos, will come out regarding Carolyn Bessett (JFK Jr.'s deceased wife). The information will concern a drug habit.

11/22/2001Dick Cheney will suffer another heart attack, and will undergo surgery, in April of 2001.

11/15/2001Hillary Clinton will run for President in the year 2004

11/15/2001Ricki Martin will win a music award for the song and the video of "She Bangs"

11/15/2001By the end of the year,a lot of talk shows, like Maury Povich and Oprah will be sued for false stories by the people the stories are about.

11/15/2001I'm worried that Shirley Temple Black will experience female health problems in Februay of 2001

11/15/2001By January of 2001, the government will uncover fraud in the Republican Party.

11/15/2001There will be major floods in Argentina and Venezuela in late November and early December of this year. There will be a lot of damage and U.S. aide will be needed.

11/15/2001Michael Jackson will come back with a bang on his new album in 2001 and will be accepted back by Pepsi. They will also find out that the allegations of child molestation were unfounded. He is still the King of Pop.

9/10/2001Major law suits will be brought against the New York Police Department by the end of 2000; the police officers will be filling the suits and they will win.

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