Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

3/25/2002Gas and gold prices will rise significantly this coming Winter. The Arab countries will hold back oil.

12/30/2001A new surgery for Epilepsy will come around March 2002. The surgery will include the use of a computer chip in the brain to stop seizures.

12/30/2001The world will fin out that Matt Lauer did not have an affair with Jessica Thorman. It will be clear to all that it was only gossip. I see matt Lauer suing the Enquirer and winning the suit.

12/30/2001Everyone keeps asking if there will be peace in the Middle East. I donít see it happening. I still see trouble and bombings this year.

12/30/2001Mercury will be in retrograde February 4th through the 26th. Everything will tend to fall backward and of course communication will be difficult as usual.

12/30/2001The fashion and hairstyles of the 20ís and 30ís will be making a comeback at the end of 2001, through 2002. Designers will be dressing the actors and actresses for the 2002 award shows in these styles.

12/14/2001Kim Bassigner and Alec Baldwin will will divorce this coming Feb. and it will be messy.

12/14/2001In 2002 stores will begin to charge people a percentage on returned items.

12/14/2001Jeb Bush will lose the next election for Florida Governor.

12/14/2001They will also find out that Gore should have been President.

12/14/2001In the spring of 2001, they will discover that Jeb Bush had something to do with the ballot problems in Miami.

12/14/2001I am worried about Michael J. Fox's health getting worse by the end of 2001.

12/14/2001There will be a big cocaine bust in Feb. The arrests will come from boats from overseas.

12/14/2001The government will spend millions of dollars to change the voting machines by the next election.

12/6/2001Love is in the air. We will be seeing a lot of celebrities getting married in late December, and in January and February. In particular, Jenny Garth will be getting married in February, and will be pregnant with her second child by May.

12/6/2001The actress that plays Haley on All My Children will be picked to be the regular co-host on Regis's morning show, beginning in January of 2001.

12/6/2001In early 2001, there will be many manufaturer's recalls of Playskool toys.

12/6/2001This February, there will be more lawsuits against the manufacturers of Winston and Marlboro cigarettes.

12/6/2001Benjamin Netanyahu will be re-elected president of Israel in January. He will bring about a resolution of the current conflict (Israeli style).

12/6/2001I'm concerned that Mayor Giuliani of New York will have to be hospitalized in mid-March, due to problems related to his prostate cancer.

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