Jill Dahne - The Love Psychic

7/22/2002Billy Bob Thorton and Angelina Jolie will be divorced by the fall of this year.

7/22/2002You will be hearing about Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez finding new love together in September of 2002.

7/22/2002Watch out from Sept 15 through Nov 1- it is a double whammy! Venus and Mercury are both retrograde. Watch communication with bosses, loved ones and don't do anything really important then unless it was planned beforehand.

7/22/2002If you want to invest, put your money into government bonds now.

7/17/2002Jill Dahne does not recommend stock purchases right now, but if you are buyiung stock, for the next two days focus on those that deal internationally.

7/1/2002Becuase of an earthquike underground, there will be a Tsunami that hits China in September and one that hits Hawaii in October.

7/1/2002Some stocks to look at this week: Patina Oil & Gas and Bristol Meyers. They both will do well in the coming weeks and Dow will rebound.

3/25/2002In May, we will find out that Saddam Hussein is funding the suicide bombers that are blowing themselves up in Israel.

3/25/2002K-Mart will revive itself and will be back on track by mid Jan 2003.

3/25/2002There will a lot of lead poisoning cases in California and Florida all through 2003.

3/25/2002I am worried about the Pope’s health, in particular a problem with his knees and a stroke around July 1st of this year.

3/25/2002Elton John will continue to perform his music, his career will go on and he will even win an Oscar next year for a song in a movie.

3/25/2002A lot of popular movies will be filmed in Australia in 2003

3/25/2002Many more priests are now going to be forced to resign on sexual allegation issues.

3/25/2002Suicide bombers are going to be coming to Italy around July 15, 16 and into the U.S., in California, Chicago and Florida around June. I am worried about many temples.

3/25/2002Israel and the Arabs states will be at war April/May of 2002.

3/25/2002Israel will take over Yassar Arafat’s lands by July.

3/25/2002There is a big war coming between the U.S. and Saddam Hussein in August. The U..S will prevail and Saddam will be ousted.

3/25/2002Toward the end of this year I feel that we will be drilling for oil in Alaska & Texas, starting November through December.

3/25/2002Toward the end of 2003- beginning of 2004 recording artists are going to have trouble making money on album sales, because of computer downloads of music

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