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4/4/2003As predicted in Star magazine, February 2003: Wedding bells will chime for Cameron Diz in 2004 with her boyfriend of the last couple of years, Jared Leto. As for that fling with Leonardo DiCaprio, that is all it was.

12/26/2002Everyone should consider getting a vaccinated for smallpox- I see a threat around March of next year.

11/7/2002Senator Wellstone was murdered, and this will appear in the news in Jan 2003

11/7/2002It sill come out in the news in December that someone had plastic surgery to look like Saddam Hussein (as a decoy). Jill predicted this on the radio last year

11/7/2002A “dirty” bomb will explode on U.S. soil in Jan 2003.

11/7/2002Another earthquake in Italy around Nov. 22nd

10/14/2002Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez will marry at the end of this year, in Austin. They will Honeymoon in Vegas- she will be pregnant right after that, with a baby girl.

10/14/2002A lot going on in the fall with Major terrorist attacks in China, as I have said before.

10/14/2002A lot going on in the fall with Major terrorist attacks in China, as I have said before.

10/14/2002Five years from now (2008) I see a nuclear bomb hitting New York.

9/8/2002Around December there will be a problem with someone bringing razor blades on an airplane in a soda they bring on board.

9/8/2002I am worried about the terrorists attacking by water somehow in CA this fall. I am also worried about terrorists attacking overseas on Sept 11-13 and also hitting U.S. Soil.

9/8/2002Jill Dahne predicted on the radio that Kelly Rippa (of Regis & Kelly) will be pregnant by Sept 1 and she is!

9/8/2002By 2003 there will be a lot of machines that allow you to make your own purchases, reducing the need for sales people (which makes Jill unhappy, because she likes seeing people work).

9/8/2002As I said on the radio, the West Nile Virus is coming from Iraq and this will be proven this coming winter, in the meantime there will be a lot more deaths due to the virus.

9/8/2002Alot of professional singers will be featuring alot of other people in their work, (as in a lot of duets) starting this winter.

8/20/2002By February 2003, Lisa Marie Presley will be pregnant with Nicolas Cage's baby.

7/22/2002Epileptics should stay away from red meat. They will soon discover that the hormones in red meat are making seizures worse.

7/22/2002In 2006, Liz Minelli's hussband will be foound to be only interested in using her to make money and for his own fame.

7/22/2002Liza Minella will get a liftetime award in the year 2003

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